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Sunday, 28 October 2012 00:00

All students of SMAN 1 Boyolangu gathered at the field of ceremony on Monday at the Youth Pledge Day, which marks the 84th anniversary.Youth Pledge Day commemorate the promise made a meeting of youth organizations in Batavia(now known asJakarta) on 28 October 1928, to set asidetheir differences and to unite for the common goalof independent Indonesia with onecountry,one nation andone language.

Like any other Flag Ceremony, it began with the Inspector of ceremony advanced to the field of ceremony, continued with a salute, honoring of the Inspector of the ceremony and report from the commander of the flag ceremony. The ceremony was then continued with raising Indonesia's Red and White National Flag by the Flag Raisers, together with the Indonesia's National Anthem playing in the background. The ceremony was then continued with a moment of silence in honor of our fallen heroes, The reading from the text of Pancasila led by the Inspector of Ceremony and followed by the audience, The reading of a Preambule of the 1945 Constitution, and Thereading of the youth pledge text:

“ Kamiputeradanputeri Indonesia, mengakubertumpahdarah yang satu, tanah air Indonesia. “

“ Kamiputeradanputeri Indonesia, mengakuberbangsa yang satu, bangsa Indonesia. “

“ Kamiputeradanputeri Indonesia, menjunjungbahasapersatuan, bahasa Indonesia. “

After that, The School Choir sangSatu Nusa SatuBangsa. AndThe Inspector read the speech fromtheMinisterof Youth andSports about the Youth Pledge.

When thespeechof theMinisterof Youth andSportswas readby the inspector of the flag ceremony, all of students seemed very enthusiastic to hear it. He said that the theme of the Youth PledgeDay forthe84thanniversary was "With Youth Pledge, We EstablishIndependence, Creativity and Nationality Identity for the The Community ASEAN in 2015”

The theme of the Youth Pledge day was a message for all of Indonesians, and especially for the youth of Indonesia, that we should strengthen the determination to continuously maintain independence and creativity while building a more solid and dignified national identity. Actually, The determination had been practiced in our daily lives. So we, as Indonesians, could have tread the path of history in accordance with the values of the Youth Pledge, Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution.

But the ceremonyonthat daylooked very differentfrom theusual.BecauseThe Commander and The Flag raisers were chosen from PASKIBRA of SMAN 1 Boyolangu.The school choiralso seemed special withtypicaluniforms of SMAN 1 Boyolangu. That made themlooked moreelegant asour schoolslogan. That wasSMILE,Smart, Monumental, Innovative Leading and Elegant.

We, as the students of SMAN 1 Boyolangu promised to continue all of the sacrifice of the fallen heroes to make Indonesia become a developed country which could compete in a world trade andbecome theleader ofthe world economy.


By YanuarHalimPramudya XI – IPA 7


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